First!! I require everything sent specifically as a WAV or MP3 file!! AIF, Pro Tools files, and so on will not work, EVERYTHING ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE WAV OR MP3!!! So even for those of you that don’t have Pro Tools, you can still send me your song as it’s a WAV or MP3 file since those are not program specific they can be used anywhere!! Again if you have Pro Tools, I DO NOT ACCEPT PRO TOOLS SESSIONS!!!
Second!! Make sure to take off ALL of your plug-ins and I mean 100% off!! My job is to do the mixing, not yours! If you used any form of Auto-Tune, Lo-Fi, Telephone Effect, or something like that, that you cannot live without than feel free to leave it on. Otherwise you’re accepting its up to my digression on what sounds best!! But absolutely NEVER EVER EVER leave on any compression, EQ, reverb or delay. All effects I can do at no extra charge though, just make sure to put in the notes if there is something specific you would like. For example, Lo-Fi on the adlibs, or Auto-Tune on everything and any combination of whatever comes to your mind! Just remember that everything is up to what I believe is best for the song unless specific instructions are noted. So if you don’t mention Auto-Tune there may not be any on there, but if you do want Auto-Tune and have it set to a specific key and amount of re-tune speed just add it in the notes! The only type of effects that would not be free are constantly reoccurring effect that has to be put in multiple times in multiple different places, for example, a reverse reverb effect, if you only want it once in one place that’s free, but if you want that same effect, at every vocal break than there will be a $5 per charge. There are always things that I think will sound cool that would normally be an extra charge that I thought fit the song really well that I will include without any extra charge, as it’s my choice to add that in so there’s always a chance of some free surprises!!
Third!! I require every audio layer to be exported into WAV or MP3 individually and be the entire length of the song! So for example, your song is 3 min long, your verse WAV/MP3 would need to be exported that entire length, so highlight that layer from the very beginning of your song to the very last second of your song that way the entire length of the song is highlighted. than solo the layer you’re wanting to export, so in this example your verse, and export it and make sure to label it VERSE!! Now you should have a WAV/MP3 labeled VERSE that is 3 min long with only silence until the verse comes in at the correct time than silence again once the verse is over! If you have a vocal layer that you did on 3 different layers due to overlapping or whatever it may be that’s perfectly fine, just make sure to solo all of them instead of just 1 of them, that way they all get exported as 1!! Make sure to label everything properly, and only what they are so an example if its the adlib layer label it “ADLIBS” DO NOT label it “LITERALLY ANYTHING EVEN THE SONG NAME OR ARTIST NAME – ADLIBS” That way everything is able to just be dragged and dropped back into the session and its exactly the correct timing without having to move a single thing!! Once you have done that for every layer, INCLUDING THE BEAT!! Its time to put that baby into a folder named what the name of the song is, and then zip it!!
Fourth!! These prices do NOT include a radio censored version, me going through 5 takes of vocals to pick “the best one”, or cleaning up the vocals, for example, taking out breaths, mouth noises, pops, and so on. Those are all separate charges. So if you would like any of those done you would need to specifically request it in the notes, as I make sure not to do anything that will cost more without specifically being requested to do so! Now let’s get to the pricing!! If you would like me to go through takes its only $5 per take but I suggest saving the money and going with the one you like the best! For vocal clean up it’s only $25 but again this could be done on your own but do remember that compression will bring things that are quiet up and make them louder so a small pop may be much more noticeable after the mix and master! A radio censored version is $25 and it is up to my digression on how to censor it, whether it be with effects or just a cut in the vocals, and don’t worry I’ll do what sounds best for the tone of the song, and what sounds most natural!!
Lastly!! Unfortunately, I prefer to not go off of a rough mix. I like to go into every mix completely blind without outside influences so that way it is 100% original and authentic!! Remember you’re coming to me for a reason, let me do my thing, and get you the best possible mix and master for your song!!


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