Subscription Song Form

Hey it’s that time to send over your songs! If this is your first time make sure to send one song at a time, this means once you follow all of the following steps you hit send after adding 1 song, than repeat the process for the rest of your songs! This allows me to keep track of what’s already done and what is still needed to be completed, and allows you to send them over the span of the month instead of having to have everything all done at once! Just select in the bottom field which number song it is, so if its the first song put select “first” in the drop down and so on for the rest (I’ll also mix them in the number order so if you want a specific one first make sure to label that one #1!). Please make sure fill out form with all of your information for each song! Yes even if you’ve done the form in the past I need you to re-fill out all of your information again for each song so I can keep them straight otherwise I won’t know who to send the final song back to or where people can find your final music for the description of YouTube videos! So make sure to fill out all the boxes accurately! Now lets get started!

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