Well hello there! Do you already have your song Mixed & just need the final step of Mastering? Well you came to the right place! Purely Mastering only runs $50!! All you have to do is click the bunny logo below & follow the steps on your emailed recipt! (make sure what you’re sending is an MP3 or WAV of your already mixed song!) BOOM simple as that!!  Above are some already mastered songs that I’ve done for you to listen to!



Q: How long will it take to get my song back?

A: Usually within a week or less workload permitting, so patience is appreciated!

QCan you add things like reverb, and delay and other various things to the song for me?

A: Simply, no lol. All that is part of mixing and all needs to be done before mastering! If you need Mixing done than head to this link here 🙂

Q: What really is mastering?

A: Mastering is in short, a mix of boosting all the frequencies of the entire song to make everything pop just that extra bit more, along with boosting the volume with a mix of compression and a limiter