Mix Critique Pricing & Everything Else You Need To Know!

I see you’re interested in getting your Mix Critiqued by me, & that is awesome!! I can’t wait to hear it! Its a super simple process, just fill out the forum below and paste the Google Drive Link (make sure to click the “anyone with the link can view” bubble on Google Drive) or by DropBox! With a MP3 or WAV file of your song! Unfortunately those are the ONLY two ways I accept the songs, any other will not me accepted (Google Drive or DropBox & MP3 or WAV – for some extra clarification). DONE that simple! Once I receive it I try to critique it and give you as much detail on what I feel needs fixed, changed, or straight up taken out in an VIDEO just for you! So you’ll get my live reactions, and thoughts, and hear exactly what I’m hearing and explain things a little better for you! I’ll send that video to the email you provide within 7 business days! Hopefully there is very little to zero issues I hear and you’re JUST THAT GOOD!! Now for the pricing, its only $30 per song! If you have multiple songs that you want critiqued at once that’s no problem either! Just make sure to fill out the form properly so the payment and everything is right so I can get it back to you in a timely fashion!
I’m so excited to help you, and I know you’re ready to stop second guessing your every mix! So lets get started!! What are you waiting for?!



By putting through this order you are accepting and acknowledging that once payment is received it is 100% non refundable. Also that this is a Critique only not a guaranteed mix improvement, nor will I give step by step instructions on how to change things, or do the work for you. If you would like me to do the work for you, you can choose from either of the other two options under the Hire Me drop down! Thank you! Now lets get mixing!

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