Mixing super


What all does the Mixing Super Tier come with you ask?


Very Simple. Mixing Super is, well, SUPER! 😛


  • Amount of vocal layers allowed – You are allowed up to 10 Vocal layers, anything past 10 vocal layers will be an extra $5 that will be invoiced before I start working on your song! So let me know in your notes if there are more! (Higher tiers allow more)


  • Amount of beat layers allowed if it is a tracked out beat – You are allowed up to 10 as well, anything past this 10 will be $5 that will be invoiced before I start working on your song! (Higher tiers also allow more)


  • How many revisions are included – 5, there are five included revisions in this tier! If you would like additional revisions they are $5 each. (Higher tiers include free revisions)


  • What exactly is considered a revision – Any change made to the song. For example if you decide you would like more reverb overall = 1 revision. More reverb on just the adlibs = 1 revision. More delay & reverb = 2 revisions. Also to note, if you ask me to add reverb, than decide you want it put back to where it was, that would be another revision to put it back. If you need changes to the mix itself aka “I want it to sound clearer” trust me the mix is is what is best for the vocals and the song itself. If you want things like that changed, it is subject to a remixing fee, just talk to me and we’ll figure it out



Now for the fun part! How everything needs to be sent! After purchase there will be instructions that are on your emailed receipt!! Make sure to read these carefully, especially on how to export your song. If something is sent incorrectly, I will let you know when I go to mix your song. I do not typically have the time to check your work before I go to mix your song, I’m trusting you to do your part and follow the instructions carefully on how to export and send your song.



Don’t worry there is a detailed video, and written out version to help you. I suggest reading & watching, not just one or the other! If your song is sent improperly your song will go back to the end of the line, and will not be re-checked until I go to work on it again. If these issues persist (this only happens when people think they know better, and choose not to watch & read the instructions) there may be additional fee’s required before I work on your song. So make it simple and just follow the instructions!! 😛



Once the order is placed, it can potentially take up to 1 day to receive the email with the instructions on how to export and send your song! It will come though! (Why it takes so long sometimes, honestly I have no idea, but most of the time its instant) – So if you would like to get a head start, the exporting instructions are below! This DOES NOT explain on how they need to be sent though, so make sure to still read and follow the steps in the email!! Also make sure to check your SPAM folder, sometimes it likes to hide there!



All of this may come off as a lot, and worry you that you may or may not have done it correctly, but as long as you followed all of the instructions you’ll be perfectly fine, if something happened to not be sent right, I’ll probably not worry about it and let you know how to do it right next time, or I’ll send you an email, and let you know how to fix it!! Unfortunately no I do not do phone calls, as I would be on the phone 24/7 with people, but I will respond to emails as soon as possible!! – NewovaOfficial@gmail.com or social media my direct messages are always open @Newova





If you want to see how to export your song before purchase below is the video & written out version!!

Everything I need all written out for you!! (click here)