Subscription Pricing & Everything Else You Need To Know!

Good News!! This does include me Mixing & Mastering at least one of your songs on my YouTube Channel at no extra charge!! You can always opt out as well, but you’ll be missing out on free promotion!! (Press a play button above to hear some songs I’ve worked on!)

So you’re interested in getting multiple songs mixed and mastered every month? Well then you came to the right place! The subscription plan does exactly that for one low low price every month!! Now that price is for a max of 6 total vocal layers! For 7+ its only $5 per layer (If you have a song(s) with extra layers I’ll just invoice you for the extra amount)!! These stipulations are to ensure that you condense your layers appropriately instead of 4 layers for 1 verse when it could have been condensed down to 1 layer for example. Now I know that’s a lot of numbers and calculations, don’t worry you don’t have to figure out all of them, that’s my job. These are just so you know so there are no surprises once it’s all said and done!! After purchasing the subscription plan, make sure to fill out the form with all your information AND ANY NOTES so that way you can get your songs with no problems!
Once each song is completely finished and ready to go out to you I’ll directly email it to you! Now if you want any changes to the song after you’ve received the final mix and master you get 2 FREE fixes!! Examples of fixes would be “more reverb on adlibs = 1 fix” Now make sure to note, songs unfortunately do not roll over month to month, so if you have the 5 song sub plan and only do 4 for that month, you do not get 6 songs the next month.Sorry!!
How long will it take to get your songs back once you send it you ask? I try to have them back within a week depending on the current work load, as long as you send them to me in a timely manner! It may take longer though! I can only guarantee it will be done before the next billing cycle! So please I prefer you not to email me 2 days after sending it asking when it will be done, I have a system that is fair to everyone equally & things can get pretty busy so I appreciate your patience & not being pushy <3 (rushed delivery is also available upon request for an extra fee just email me about it!)
Now for the fun part! How everything needs to be sent! You have to make sure to follow these instructions very specifically otherwise I will not be able to work on your song!!
All of this may come off as a lot, and worry you that you may or may not have done it correctly, but as long as you followed all of the instructions you’ll be perfectly fine, if something happened to not be sent right, I’ll probably not worry about it and let you know how to do it right next time, or I’ll send you an email, and let you know how to fix it!! Unfortunately no I do not do phone calls, as I would be on the phone 24/7 with people, but I will respond to emails as soon as possible!! – or social media my direct messages are always open @Newova



If you prefer a long video explanation of everything with a ton of detail here’s a link for you!!


If not here’s everything I need all written out for you!! (click here)



Make sure you read through all of this so you are aware of absolutely everything and there are absolutely no surprises it does include what else could be extra and refund polices!!! (click here to read)


Once you have read though this entire disclaimer and filled out everything on this page, please click the “Accept and Sign Up” to accept the terms, conditions, and refund policy to get started!!




(you’d be surprised how many people do this so I had to make sure you’re not one of them lol)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I don’t have pro tools can you still mix my song?

A: Absolutely yes! Make sure to follow my instructions step by step. NO SHORT CUTS!!

Q: What if I only want a mix & no master? Dose it save me money?

A: When purchasing a Mix it comes with a FREE Master, you’re not paying anything extra for a master, nor is there a discount for getting a Mix only with no Master <3

Q: What if I don’t like using Google Drive or Dropbox can’t I just use something else?

A: Unfortunetly if I do not recieve the files via Google Drive or Dropbox, than I will NOT accept the files until they are sent correctly.

Q: How long will it take for me to get my completed song?

A: I try to have them back within at least 1 week work load permitting but you will get them back before your next billing period! Sometimes things get busy though so patience is greatly appreciated <3 rushed delivery is available upon request for an extra fee. Just mention it in the a note and we’ll go over details.

Q: Will you place my hooks for me or add them again in a different place?

A: Absolutely not, everything is to be placed properly where they go before sending, my focus is mixing and mastering only!

Q: Are there any effects that I may want that are going to be extra charges?

A: For the most part no, but anything that is highly tedious or time consuming, there is a strong possibility. If you’re wanting a delay (echo) after every 3’rd word lets say, or after every gap. You will need to have the parts that are to have that effect on its own individual layer. Otherwise that would be an extra charge due to it being tedious to put them on their own layer myself (or automation). Same thing for “chopped and screwed effects” everyone has different definitions of what that is. If you’re simply wanting a deep voice effect, again whatever is to be in a deep voice needs to be on its own layer. Once you get into timings though that would be a significant extra charge. The best rule of thumb, is if you want it to have something specific, it needs to be on its own layer. If it is tedious, and time consuming, and more than just adding a plug-in than there is a good chance it will be an extra charge. You can always email, or DM me and ask if what you’re wanting is going to end up being extra that way you know ahead of time though!!

Q: What if I record my vocals to a beat I ripped off YouTube than bought it after recording everything?

A: If you record to a beat you ripped off YouTube, than purchase the beat after you have already recorded the song (tracked out or not) the timing between your vocals and the beat will be 100% off so that means you’ll be off beat! There is no way for me to know if the vocals were just recorded slightly off beat by choice or this is one of those cases that the beat was purchased after the fact so I will mix the song however it is sent to me and if this does happen and your vocals are off due to the vocals not being fixed prior to sending there will possibly be a $50 remixing fee that will need to be paid upfront! You will need to align the vocals properly to the new beat before doing all of your exports, or the preferred method is to re-record the song to the purchased beat. For whatever reason the beat producers put on YouTube are different than the version they sell, so timings are always different. SO MAKE SURE TO FIX IT!!

Q: What are the return policies?

A: Return policies are in the terms an conditions, so make sure to read them!

Q: What if I tell you I want to sound like a specific artist, does that help?

A: If you say “I want to sound like PARTYNEXTDOOR” that is not always enough for me to go on, as you possibly have a specific sound in mind that may not be what he is actually doing. For example if you think he’s using a lo-fi effect, when in fact he is not, that’s just the way his voice sounds by the tone of voice he’s using. So if you would like something specific please just let me know what specific effects you would like to be used in a note. If you send me a link to a song the exact same thing applies as you may think they are using a specific effect when they in fact are not. So if you leave it up to my ears you have to accept it the way it is or be specific with what you are wanting!!

Q: Does my equipment and room treatment matter?

A: The quality of equipment you record with will make a difference in the final product, the better the quality of equipment and recording area the better the final product will sound!! If you have a noise in the background of your vocals for example a noisy jacket or a dog barking, there is no way to take those out of the finished product and they will be there and more apparent so make sure to record with the most minimal background noise as possible! Best method of practice, go in a closet that has a ton of cloths and stuff in it! Get the recording area set first than worry about equipment quality! Remember I’ve worked on everything so don’t worry!

Q: What if I have a deep voice like Busta Rhymes but want you to make me have a high voice like Lil Wayne?

A: If you have a deep voice and want to sound like Lil Wayne you would need to do that with your actual voice, unfortunately there’s no way to completely change a voice from your unique voice into another voice all together (unless you just want the deep voice effect or a high voice effect those are not what I’m meaning here) same with if you’re wanting your song to sound like another song, for it to be as close as possible, the instrumental, tone of your voice, rhythm and everything else must sound as close to that as possible already as they will effect how the plug-ins respond.