Tutoring Pricing & Everything Else You Need To Know!

I see you’re interested in getting a few of your questions answered personally by me, and that’s absolutely awesome! I’m here to help! So what all does it include and how does it work you may ask? Actually super simple! Step One we get into a Discord call (yes you need to have Discord but its free and you’ll fall in love with it trust me). Once we’re in the call you can start asking me anything your heart desires and I’ll answer and explain anything and everything that I can! You can even share your screen with me so you can show me anything specific you have questions on! (This does not let me control your screen though, nor hear what is playing unless you have your inputs setup specifically which you’ll have to configure properly on your end as many are different and I don’t know how yours specifically works)! As you know me from my YouTube videos our sessions wont be boring we’ll have some laughs and gaffs and just a good time over all!!
Now lets talk about the dolla dolla billz, and the actual process before getting into the call! Tutoring is $30 an hour, down below you’ll see that you can purchase an hour right off the bat, now that does not mean you’re limited to an hour only (both of our schedules permitting) once your initial hour is up before continuing any further I’ll send you an invoice to purchase more time than we can continue with the session. Yes I’m sorry but I’m going to be a stickler about this! No “just five more minutes” I’m not your babysitter trying to get you to go to bed lmao! Now before purchasing make sure your proper email is attached to your account, as after purchasing I’ll email you to setup a time to schedule our session! If for some reason you forgot this step just join the Discord channel and DM me and we’ll get it all setup through there! https://discordapp.com/invite/HxC4gVR
I’m so excited to help you, and I know you’re ready to stop second guessing your every mix! So lets get started!! What are you waiting for?!



By putting through this order you are accepting and acknowledging that once payment is received it is 100% non refundable. Also that this is a tutoring session only not a guaranteed mix improvement session, nor will I do the work for you. If you would like me to do the work for you, you can choose from either of the other two options under the Hire Me drop down. Now lets get mixing!

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